NetSource Media Webinar


PART 1 | Social Distancing & RV Dealerships

For some time we have been advocating to our customers the importance of deeper digital engagement and alignment to the buyer’s journey. With Covid-19 the imperative for this is now becoming clear.

We believe that this milestone event will modify behavior. The dealerships that are able to adjust to shoppers’ desires will be better positioned for success. This means more digital content and thoughtful approaches.

The past idea that marketing is merely to get shoppers into dealerships is faulty and its flaws are apparent. With physical distancing, shoppers will not want to engage directly. As with younger shoppers and a penchant for virtual, this will now become the default mode. Dealerships that are able to creatively connect to customers by adjusting their content and behavior will bypass those that do not.

It’s even possible that those who do not change may find themselves in dire circumstances.


  • Why the Coronavirus is pushing us toward more digital
  • The Buyer's Journey and digital engagement
  • The "old way" vs. the "new way" of engaging
  • What you can do
  • Specific takeaways

Kevin Headshot

PRESENTER | Kevin Shayne

Director of Marketing for NetSource Media, RVUSA, and NetSource Inc.
17+ Years of digital marketing experience
Published in numerous trade and online sites